Sci-Fi Dine In Theater


Innovation. We have been discussing this topic tremendously in our English class this semester. I have always known what the word meant, yes, but I have never really considered looking outside and finding any “brain fuel” to spark ideas of innovation.

While scrolling down Tumblr, a typical website I use to gain some inspiration, I found a picture that was not only beautiful but displayed an innovative scene. I included the picture in this post to share with everyone reading my blog as well. At first glance, it looks just like a typical drive in movie theater that’s indoors with some cool background star lighting. As you begin to stare at the picture longer, you realize that no, those aren’t real cars. Those cars actually have a table and menu on them..

Whoever created this idea was genius. Combining two things; food and movies into an innovative and unique environment. The picture alone makes you want to visit this diner at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, I couldn’t even imagine what the real experience would be like.

Someone somewhere must have innovated this idea. They planned it out, and shared their creation with the world inspiring others from around the globe to come and flock to this place. Although the food may be average, the ambiance and experience you will receive from dining there, will blow away everything that’s mediocre about the food.


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