A Wish Your Heart Makes

Throughout my past three years in high school, math had never been an issue for me. Despite the C I received first semester freshman year in Accelerate Geometry, [due to a bad teacher ( not naming names) I eventually brought it up to an A for second semester], math has been a subject I never really worried about.

I went through school not being a complete brainiac in mathematics, but I understood enough of it to pass my tests and the class. A lot of my memory was only temporary, enough to pass the chapter tests but when the final rolled around, I some how always bombed it; but my grade remained stagnant.

This is the first year I am taking an AP class in math and boy can I tell you, it is definitely kicking me in the butt. Not realizing what I even wanted to major in college until the beginning of this year, I thought math was a necessary skill everyone should have. Yes, everyone should know addition subtraction, etc. but is it really necessary to know what the derivative of so and so is? I think not… And here’s why

I have convinced myself that if you can do math, great. If you can’t, it’s not for everyone. There are plenty of successful people out there that move on with their lives without even have taking a calculus course or passed math in high school at all. Ask your teachers and keep track, how many of them liked or did well in their math classes in the first case. [Math teachers excluded] Chances are, most people would have said they did not do well.

This can pertain to Disney because it encourages me that not succeeding is okay. “a dream is a wish your heart makes.” My dreams are telling me that my heart is wishing I stop taking this math course…

Although I am not really sure or have any definite plans of my future, I know that I can succeed no matter what.


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