Hungry, Hungry Heimlich

The other night a couple friends and I visited Disneyland because we haven’t gone at all during the holiday season and festive deorations. We also decided to try a few rides we have not been on before, specifically the kiddy rides. At California Adventure, there is a Bug’s Life part of the park where it truly makes you feel like a bug.

The restrooms at this part of the park is in the shape of an upside down tissue box with the holes ripped out in place of the bathroom doors. Walking towards the Bug’s Life portion you walk through a “cereal box,” making you feel small as a bug.

Anyways, we went on the ride “Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train,”, a literal 2 minute ride, but it was quite fun. A couple days later on the last day of English class, we had a Twitter chat and one question popped up. The question asked what was your favorite Disney character? Many replied with generic characters like Mickey mouse, the Disney princesses, and other modern pixar characters. But I, chose Heimlich. Not only is he relateable but has a great sense of humor.

The twitter chat was innovative and a great way incorporating technology with education.


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