Holiday Hubbub

The holidays are all about lights, festivities, hot chocolate, candy canes, snowmen, and all other kinds of things that make you smile.

The holidays are also about spending money, franctic last minute shopping, and stressful family gatherings. All in all, everyone can mostly agree that the holiday stress is worth it in the end. The holidays are a time of giving and joy, especially at the world and land of Disney. This season is the park’s busiest time besides summer, and I think, the nicest.

The tremendous Christmas tree first enters your sight as it is in the very beginning. The festivities don’t end there with decorations lining up and down the souvenier and food shops located throughout Main St. USA. When you reach the very end, the brightly lit pink and blue Sleeping Beauty’s castle is a must-see and photo opportunity. Christmas lights are themed throughout the park, especially at the largest “It’s a Small World” decoration which can be seen in the Fantasyland portion of the park. ┬áHoliday spirits are lifted whenever you visit the happiest place on Earth during the holiday season.

The happiest place on Earth, just became happier.



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