Disney Dose of History

Get your daily dose of American history every time you visit the Disneyland theme park. At the Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln attraction, guests sit in a auditorium watching an animated “Lincoln” give his Gettysburg Address speech along with a background on Lincoln’s early life. Before the automated speech is given, videos about the American Civil War and the song “Two Brothers” plays. After electronic Lincoln gives his speech, “America the Beautiful” closes up the attraction making visits feel a sense of patriotism.

Many Disneyland first-timers never really stop at this location because they think it’s just a waste of time and would prefer to spend their moments on Space or Splash Mountain, something more iconic to the park. After being a pass holder for four years now, of course I have visited every attraction…actually, I have not been on the canoes…but anyways, this is one of my favorites. Not sure why, because quite frankly the autonomic Lincoln is quite creepy, but it just reminds me of the small little things Disneyland has to offer. Someone once had to innovate this idea of having an attraction that pays respect to the sixteenth president. The small hole in the wall attractions the park is usually not recognized for, I find the most intriguing.


One thought on “Disney Dose of History

  1. As someone interested in history, this has been one of my favourite Disneyland attractions. I was mildly upset when I last went there in 2006 and they had a movie playing about Disneyland’s history in place of this attraction for their 50th anniversary celebrations.

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