Disneyland food. All pass holders have at one point come to the theme park, just for food cravings. From the infamous turkey legs to the Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream bars, Disneyland is known for it’s mouth watering food, and high prices. Whenever I’m at the park, I usually crave the Boudin sourdough bread bowls from the fisherman’s wharf at California Adventure or the jumbo corn dogs from the red cart at the end of Main Street. The only thing that holds me back from consuming all food available at Disneyland, are their outrageous food prices.

Disneyland corn dogs. Enough sad. A definite¬†must try for every foodie. The best corn dogs in the park are located at the very end of Main St. USA at the red corn dog cart on the right hand side just before Tomorrowland. They are a bit pricey for just “corn dogs,” but they aren’t just your average fried hot dog. These babies somehow convince you they are worth those six dollars out of your wallet.

Disneyland is probably one of the most highly attended theme parks in the nation, and probably around the globe as well. It is no wonder that they lure in their global guests with their own authentic brand and iconic food items. Despite the high prices, people still purchase the food because it makes you feel good and somehow you end up talking yourself out of the price because you’re at Disneyland…or at least that’s what happens to me every time. Especially at the ice cream shop on Main Street.

To eat or not to eat? As Shakespeare would say…


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