Who actually brings their kids to Disneyland…right?

Often times, we do things without recognition. Being a part of ASB my past three years of high school I have learned this lesson the hard way. People are always criticizing what we do wrong, rather than appreciate what we did do and no matter what happens, everyone isn’t satisfied. With Edison week coming up, we are always receiving criticism about the posters that cover our campus. Personally, I think yes these posters and the effort to put them up cost a lot of money and time; but they are what sets Fountain Valley a part from any other high school…except Edison of course. These posters express the student’s hopes and determination. Although the bell has been lost the past eight years, we still continue to decorate the school as if we had just taken it home the year before. Similar to Disneyland, people are always either complaining about the long lines, or the annoying kids but don’t realize the positive. To be honest, I am one of those people. I start to get antsy and frustrated when there are too many children annoying me because to be honest…who actually brings their kids to Disneyland, right? Sarcasm, if you didn’t catch that.

In general, you never really appreciate the effort that goes into something because you are always blind sighted by what’s bothering you most. It isn’t until you take a step back and realize what work goes on to make something so great.


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