A World of Imagination

Imagination is something we all have. Whether we are good at it or not, it’s there. Step foot into Disneyland and imagination surrounds you. You are enveloped by the happiest place on Earth by people who have made something so great. Creating a place like Disneyland I’m sure was not an easy task. These “imagineers” probably have endless efforts of trial and error until finally coming up with a piece that they all agree on, and it’s added into the park. At the California Adventure, ¬†you can enter a room called the Blue Sky Cellar which tells you all of Disneyland’s upcoming features. It gives you a sneak peak into what’s to come next and let’s you see how the imagineering process is done. Trial and error. Something imagineers at Disney have to do every day is something we all face as well. We are learning together and creating the process of Idea Farming and innovation projects. It’s a concept none of us have done before, yet we are all striving to start something that will be revolutionary. The imagineers had to start somewhere…and now so will we.


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