The Power of Permanance

The human mind wasn’t designed to spend its entire existence in one place. As birds fly south for the winter out of necessity, people migrate from place to place almost out of obligation. Fed by that implicit promise each adolescent makes to himself or herself to see the world as he or she turns eighteen and learns to challenge the world standing alone, people choose to leave and to move, usually ending up somewhere completely unexpected. But, for the people left buried in the dust the traveller kicks up as he speeds off to his next destination, it helps to have something constant, that never leaves.

Over the years, Disneyland has remained more or less the same. While it has been updated to keep up with changing technology, a senior citizen returning for the first time in 40 years can still see the outline of the park her or she once knew. In short, Disneyland’s greatest comfort is in its

Currently in my life, I’m taking the role of the traveller, planning my future and tracing the path of my life as it (hopefully) crosses the country. As I apply to colleges, I’m examining the different factors and trying to identify them as either things I need to keep, would like to keep, or want to lose. When I consider Disneyland, I know though that I will never lose it no matter where I go, and I need something so constant in my life as I grow older.



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