Of Food and Fireworks

Disneyland has a special place in my heart, and for anyone who has ever visited this wonderful park. It’s a magical place where everyone from infants to elderlies can leave their baggage in their cars and forget their cares for a day, immersing themselves again within their childhoods. Each visitor of the millions who flock to to the park each year leaves cherishing a particular memory, be it an exciting ride, a delicious food, a thrilling parade, or an incredible fireworks display.  Disneyland touches each individual in a way other communities can’t; it’s diversity echoes the diversity of its visitors.

Take Adventureland, for example. Notice the cracked concrete across the ground, or the tiki lanterns lit down the main thoroughfare from the tropical merchandise shop through the jungle, opening onto the Rivers of America, whose waters reflect deep green trees and a bright blue sky. The contrasts abound.

Disneyland isn’t just a place people go to for a fun time– there’s a deeper meaning beyond the rides and the food.  Disneyland began in 1955 as a Walt Disney’s vision of a place where parents and kids could come together in equal awe and wonder.  The park continues to expand, reconfigure, and reinvent itself to stay topical and fresh.

Over the years, I’ve discovered that it’s difficult to please everyone. In fact, it’s virtually impossible. But I’ve never met a person who has sincerely hated Disneyland. Sure, he or she may gripe about the long lines, the scorching sun, the crying children, the fattening food, but he or she can’t help but smile when reminiscing on what he or she really experienced and discovered there.


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