Disney’s Expectations


People always talk about living up to expectations whether they are  your own, or someone else’s. Not only can expectations be overwhelming but most of the time they also unreachable, leading to a sense of failure and discontent. Disneyland is full of expectations. You can see expectations all around the park as you see parents who expect their children to behave but soon realize their expectations will not be met just as their kids pass the metal gates and into the park. There are, however, times where reality does live up to your expectations. Yes, having high expectations that don’t exactly meet up with what life actually throws at you is a horrible feeling. You go about feel confused and as if you’ve lost your sense of direction and purpose.

Although expectations don’t meet up with reality all the time, they do sometimes. For example, people expect Disneyland food prices to be ridiculous, people expect lines to be long, and people expect to drop their money on useless Disney souvenirs. Whether your expectations meet up with reality or not, expectations give you something to look forward to. Children all over the world expect Disneyland to be this magical place as they pass the historic gates and enter the happiest place on Earth. Without this sense of expectation, Disneyland would not be the sanctuary it is for many children as it is today.



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